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Professional Design

Welcome to " Professional Design Co" for general trading and contracting. It is a Kuwaiti private company started in 2006. We are working in the contracting field in Kuwait and Gulf, doing complete buildings, finishing work and designs. We are specialists in design, supervision and build for the engineering projects. We are preparing new modern designs. We are preparing unfamiliar designs and build with best engineering quality.

Kuwaiti Company

We have qualified and expert Kuwaiti engineers and designers.

⁠⁠⁠Quality Assurance

The company aim is carrying out the great designs and buildings in the perfect quality by our team.

⁠⁠⁠You are the designer

We are working with the client as a team, think together and design also together to achieve your dream.

Lowest Prices

We are doing optimum designs which trying to match between the client budget and his requirements.


Professional Design works under an integrated team, specialized in contracting, decoration and design. The company has several sections specialized in its field. Each department within the company is supervised by managers, engineers and designers who are familiar with and specialized in their work and professional field. Its staff works under the supervision of Kuwaiti managers and engineers who are creative and professional in their professional and practical fields.

The company is characterized by the fact that all of its works performed and executed by the work of construction, decoration and designs are carried out after the study of the comprehensive work in terms of all the engineering drawings and designs specific and accurate for each project before the start and the final designs are approved by the engineers and designers until finally the work and implementation of the highest standards and quality High in final finishes.

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